Rotterdam Skull Base Course 2016

Dear Sir or Madam,

On behalf of Dr. Dammers and Dr. Delwel, course directors and prof. Dirven, head of the department it gives me great honor to invite you to the annual skull base course Rotterdam.

This year will feature once again esteemed educator and aneurysma connoisseur Prof. Ali Krisht, from Little Rock, Arkansas. He will once again lead the way through the intricate ways of aneurysm clipping.
Could you please forward our invitation to all members of the French Neurosurgical Society ?

Looking forward to having as many French Neurosurgeons as possible present !

Yours sincerely,

V. Volovici, MD

Neurosurgeon-in-training/PhD Candidate

Neurosurgery, Public Health

Skullbase_Rotterdam_ 2016
Combined_invitation_ Antwerp_Rotterdam