Lettre de Graham Teasdale Editeur en Chef de la revue Acta Neurochirurgica

Dear Colleague,

I thought I would communicate to you about some information that I reported to the Officers of the European Association of Neurosurgical Society at the recent meeting in Marrakech.

First, although I do not personally equate citation indices with the value of our journal to a reader, it is pleasing to see a progressive rise in the last 3 years in the “impact factor”, respectively from 0.779 in 2002, 0.977 in 2003, to 1.80 in 2004.

Second, the average time between submission and an author receiving a response and, if accepted, publication of that paper is steadily shortening, reflecting advances in organisation and communication, with the increasing reliance on electronic methods.

Third the number of articles being submitted annually is steadily increasing. At the same time I should emphasize we still have the capacity to publish high quality neurosurgical work, whether of original research or other varieties.

I trust you will share my pleasure at these indications of the increasing success and popularity of our journal and that you will encourage colleagues to submit their highest quality work and that you will join with me in expressing appreciation of the successful efforts of the Editorial Team.

All best wishes

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